Open Gym Policy

  1. NEW POLICY (as of 1/1/2024): You must have a current monthly or annual Open Gym Membership OR you can pay for a day pass but must have a membership application on file with parent signature (if under 18 years of age). NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. Open Gym Membership encompasses Open Basketball AND Pickleball.
  3. NEW FEES (as of 1/1/2024): Individual Open Gym Membership – Daily Individual is $6/$8. Monthly Individual is $15/$19. Annual Individual is $100/$130. (Wauconda High School students are charged Resident rate).
  4. All Open Gym users will need their hand stamped to be allowed in the gymnasium. This can be done at the Front Desk or Fitness First Desk.
  5. Anyone caught inside the gym that has not paid or has propped open a doorway for purpose of bypassing registration will be removed from the Community Center for a period of time, no less than one month.
  6. Food and drinks are NOT allowed in the gym. If these items are found, staff will throw them away immediately. Bottled water is the only exception.
  7. Basketballs may be checked out from Fitness First. Some form of collateral needs to be given to secure a basketball.
  8. Basketballs must be returned to Fitness First where you will get the collateral returned.
  9. The only persons allowed in the gym are the ones who have paid. Audience members are not permitted.
  10. Only CLEAN gym shoes can be worn in the gym. Boots, especially with black soles, scuff the floor and are not permitted.
  11. Avoid loitering and horseplay.
  12. Speakers or music are not allowed while in the gymnasium.
  13. No swearing, vulgar language, spitting, or tobacco/nicotine products are allowed inside the Community Center.
  14. There is a zero tolerance policy on fighting, pushing, shoving, or gang action on park property; if there is a problem, law enforcement will be notified immediately.
  15. Dunking or hanging on the rims is strictly forbidden. Those doing this will be asked to leave premises immediately.
  16. Fitness towels are for Fitness First members only.
  17. For Open Gym times please visit the website at for updated information.
  18. Questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the Director of Recreation.

Preschool Open Gym

Come for open play at the Community Center gym.  During this unstructured play, children can socialize through group and parallel play.  This is the perfect time for you and your child to meet your friends or make some new ones.  Free program.  This is a drop-in program.  No advance registration is necessary. No supervision is provided, so parent/caregiver must stay with their children at all times in the gym.  Check the open gym schedule on our website for no class dates.