Fair Share Policy

Fair Share Membership Policy

The Wauconda Park District offers a “Fair Share Membership” which entitles a family/individual to pay in-district fees and to register for programs at the same time as residents. Please keep in mind that “Fair Share” is not necessarily for everyone. You will need to calculate the frequency of Park District use and the savings you’d receive by registering as a resident versus your normal non-resident status.

Key Points

  • Fair Share Membership is non-refundable. Membership must be purchased prior to registering for programs. Resident status will not be granted until full payment is received. Membership applications will not be processed on the day of registration.
  • Fair Share Membership will be applied over a 12 month period starting when the membership is purchased.
  • When an individual chooses to participate in the Fair Share Program, fees will be assessed at the resident rate and the individual will be allowed to register during resident registration
  • The Fair Share Membership is an annual membership which will expire one year from the joining date. If you are registered for a program and your membership into the Fair Share program expires prior to the completion of the program, you will be able to complete the program with the exception of Fitness First and As We Grow Preschool, where fees will be adjusted to the non-resident rate.
  • Fair Share Membership is open to anyone who currently owns property outside of the Wauconda Park District boundaries and would like to receive resident benefits.

Application for “Fair Share Membership”

  1. The interested family/individual should provide a copy of their current tax bill to the District’s Business Manager for review. If your current tax bill only shows a land value but you currently have a home on your property, the District will contact the Assessor to help determine the building value based on comparable homes in your neighborhood (this may occur if you are in a new subdivision since tax bills are a year behind).
  2. The “Fair Share” amount will be calculated based on the District’s current tax rate.
  3. Resident status will not be granted until the entire “Fair Share” payment has been paid.
  4. The tax rate and equalized value may change each year, so an individual would need to reapply and submit updated tax documents each year.
  5. The Fair Share Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.

How to determine the cost of the Fair Share Membership Program

  • Review your tax bill to find the Taxable Valuation of your home.
  • Multiply that number by the Wauconda Park District’s tax rate and divide that figure by 100. For Ex: Taxable Valuation of Home = $ 52,375 x .466226* (Park District rate) Total = $24,418 divided by 100 = $244.18(*This rate changes every year)

Fair Share Membership Application