Coffee, Cards and More!  (mature adult)

Calling all Seniors! Come out and enjoy a cup of coffee while playing your favorite card games and more! We will provide hot coffee, cards, and games for you to play at your leisure. Please pre-register early for these dates as they are sure to be popular and have a limited number of available spaces! Contact Jon Seidenzahl at (847)526-3610 for details. 

Location:Community Center
Fee: $2
Min/Max: 2/24

Code: Day: Date: Time:
1820 Tue 1/11 9:00-11:00 am
1821 Tue 1/25 9:00-11:00 am
1822 Tue 2/8 9:00-11:00 am
1823 Tue 2/22 9:00-11:00 am
1824 Tue 3/8 9:00-11:00 am
1825 Tue 3/22 9:00-11:00 am


The magical world of salt, miraculous rest, health, and relaxation invites you to spend time in Galos. Enjoy a relaxing 45-minute session in the man-made salt-iodine ca ve. In the cave, air intensively saturated with particles of iodine and 

salt has an anti-inflammatory action and stimulates the immune system. Please bring a pair of clean white socks and dress in comfortable or loose-fitting clothing. Galos suggests you consult with your physician if you have: hyperthyroidism, cancer, low blood pressure, allergy to iodine or claustrophobia. After your time in the cave, enjoy a traditional buffet of Polish entrees at the Jolly Inn Restaurant. Trip includes Galos Cave session, lunch, and transportation by Park District Bus. Register By: January 13. Minimal walking. 

Location: Community Center Lobby 
R/NR: $38/$48 
Min/Max: 4/9 

Code: Day: Date: Time:
1851 Thu 1/27 9:45 am-4:00 pm

Are traffic and high gas prices keeping you away from the casinos? Looking for an afternoon of fun and trying to see if lady luck is on your side? Let the park district make it easy on you as we provide transportation to your favorite Illinois Casino hot spot. Go to the casino and try your hand at the latest games in all your favorite denominations. Grab a friend, your player’s card, and let’s try our luck at the slots or table games. Transportation by Park District bus; lunch is on your own. Moderate to extensive walking. 

Location: Softball Field Parking Lot
R/NR: $20/$25
Min/Max: 6/14

Code: Day: Date: Time:
1850 Tue 2/15 9:30 am-4:30 pm

The third largest Holocaust Museum in the world, Illinois Holocaust museum & Education Center provides a world-class museum and education experience dedicated to preserving the memories of those lost in the Holocaust as well as teaching current generations about the need to fight hatred, indifference and genocide in today’s world. We will have a guided tour of Karkomi Holocaust Exhibition. Then we will enjoy a boxed lunch from the museum. 

We will then explore the Rise Up: Stonewall and the LGBTQ Rights Movement in a self-guided tour. Then we will see the Abe & Ida Cooper Survivor Stories Experience which is a 3D hologram experience. Lastly, you will have time to see other exhibits on your own and the gift shop. Trip includes transportation by Park District bus from Park District, tours, and boxed lunch. Extensive walking. Register by 1/14. 

Location: Community Center Lobby
Fee: $32
Min/Max: 4/14

Code: Day: Date: Time:
1852 Fri 2/4 9:15 am-3:15 pm

Pinstripes was built from a passion to gather, to celebrate, and to experience sophisticated fun. Bocce, also known as Italian lawn bowling, is one of the most widely played games in the world. It is simple and can be pla yed by people of all ages and skill levels. Enjoy delicious, family style Italian lunch and two hours of bocce fun. Whether you are competitive or just looking for a relaxing day out with friends, Pinstripes is the place to be. Trip includes transportation by Park District bus from Park District, bocce, and lunch. Minimal walking. Register by 2/16. 

Location: Community Center Lobby
Fee: $60
Min/Max: 4/14

Code: Day: Date: Time:
1853 Wed 3/30 10:15 am-3:45 pm