We have been made aware of recent cases regarding a skin irritation after swimming in Bangs Lake, and at Phil’s Beach. Commonly referred to as Swimmers itch. While this condition is not contagious, it is common in lakes, ponds and oceans. When swimming in all natural bodies of water please follow the CDC recommendations.
If you do not wish to swim and want to enjoy the facility, Phil’s Beach offers many more activities including; getting wet on our splash pad, playing in the sand, picnic & play in the grass, Baggo court, game tables, and lunching on our plaza or under gazebo. We have the bean bags, chess pieces, and checkers to loan you – inquire at the Lifeguard office.
Please follow this link to the CDC for factual information regarding;
– What is it?
– What causes it?
– Signs and symptoms
– Ways to reduce developing swimmers itch