Fitness First re-opens on Monday, June 29!
Below is what our Fitness First members can expect upon returning…..

Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan will have dramatic effects on our operations and allow us to offer more recreational opportunities to you. On Monday, June 29 we will open our Fitness First Facility for the First time since March.

Fitness First will be open:
::: Monday-Thursday from 5:00 am – 9:00 pm
::: Friday from 5:00 am – 8:00 pm
::: Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 am – 1:00 pm.

We ask that you are patient with the reopening as there will be several changes and guidelines for our employees and participants to follow. While we were closed all memberships were extended for the duration of the closing. Please note: Your renewal date has most likely changed.

Due to Phase 4 restrictions and based on the capacity of our facility we will be able to accommodate ten (10) members at a time. Currently, we do not want to implement a time-registration policy for our patrons. Once the facility reaches capacity, we will not allow additional members into the center until the total number of members in the facility falls below ten (10). Past records indicate that we typically average between 6 and 8 users at a time. If you arrive at our facility and we are at capacity, you will be asked to leave the facility and wait in your car. We will call you to enter once someone leaves or you will be able to return later in the day. We encourage participants to call the main office at (847) 526-4605 to check if we are at capacity before coming to the facility. We ask that you are considerate of others and limit your work out to one hour and fifteen minutes. Many of you have developed friendships over time and have not seen each other for a while. Please keep social interactions at a minimum, so that you can complete your workouts in a timely manner and allow for more people to utilize the facility. We encourage you to socialize outside after your workout is complete. During the first week of reopening, we will evaluate this process and may need to implement a register for a time slot procedure. You will be notified if we change our procedure.

The Wauconda Park District will not be taking temperatures of patrons entering the building. Instead, we ask that all employees and fitness members utilizing the facility perform a self-check before coming to the facility. Ask yourself the following questions before coming to the facility. If you answer yes to any of these questions, please do not come on-site that day to help prevent the spread if illness.
-Do you have a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher?
-Do you have a cough?
-Do you have a sore throat?
-Do you have muscle aches?
-Have you been experiencing difficulty breathing or a shortness of breath?
-Have you had a new or unusual headache?
-Have you noticed a loss of taste or loss of smell?
-Do you have any gastrointestinal concerns (e.g., abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea)?
-Have you tested positive for CoVID-19 in the last 14 days?
-Is anyone in your household displaying any symptoms listed above of COVID-19?
-Have you been in Close contact with anyone in the last 14 days that has tested positive or been diagnosed with COVID-19
Masks must be worn by everyone in our building except when exercising.
Entering and Exiting the Building
Monday – Friday from 5:00 am – 8:00 am and Monday- Friday from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm (8:00 pm on Friday) please enter through the back-front door located next to the gym and exit through these doors as well.
Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, please enter through the Main Entrance and exit through the back-front door.
On Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 am -1:00 pm all entry and exit will be through the back-front door.
Masks will always be required in the building, except while exercising. Upon entering the facility please use the hand sanitizer located at each entrance.
You will not need to present a Membership Card to enter the Facility. Upon entering the Fitness Center, please give the attendant your name, so that they can enter you into the computer.

When possible, we recommend that patrons allow for a social distance of 6 feet while in the building.

Upon entering the facility Each member will be given two towels. One to be used to clean their equipment and one to be used to wipe sweat from their body. After your workout is complete, please deposit all towels in the dirty towel drum. Do not take towels with you into the locker room or home.
Our staff will continually clean the equipment and facility throughout the day. All members are required to clean the equipment they use after each use.

We ask that you maintain a social distance of 6 feet in the locker rooms. We encourage you to come to the facility in your workout clothes and leave in your workout clothes. Locks for lockers will not be available. If you require a lock, please bring your own.
All shower facilities will be closed until further notice. Please wash your hands for 20 seconds when exiting the locker room facility and frequently throughout your visit.
Members should use the bathroom facilities located in the men’s and women’s locker rooms. These areas are cleaned thoroughly from 9:00 – 10:00 am daily and may not be available at this time. The bathrooms located on the upper level of the Community Center are reserved for our Summer Care use only.

Some equipment particularly the cardio equipment will be out of order to promote social distancing. When using the Nautilus equipment, to promote social distancing, please leave one piece of equipment between you and the next person.
Fitness mats will not be available for use.

There will be no open gym hours during phase 4 of our reopening. Use of the gymnasium is restricted to our Summer Care Program only. This will help us to maintain a safe environment for our Care participants.
Please let us know if you have any questions. We value you as a patron of our facility and hope that you will work with us to follow these guidelines and make the best experience possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Best Regard,
Tim Staton, CPRP
Director of Recreation


——————————— COVID-19 Phase 3 – Updates ————————————

Park Updates

As of May 29, the following will reopen:

  1. Basketball courts: Outdoor courts are open for groups of 10 or less. Courts are located at Larkdale Park, Osage Park, and Sedgebrook Park.
  2. Tennis courts: Outdoor courts are open with safety guidelines. Courts are located at Osage Park, Sedgebrook Park.
  3. Outdoor ball fields are open for practices only and all users must have a permit to practice. Please contact Tim Staton, for approval.
  4. Phil’s Beach is currently closed and waiting guidance from IDPH and the DCOE in addition to evaluating the financial impact of a shortened season to determine whether or not the facility will open for swimming.
  5. Outdoor bathrooms at Cook Park will be open from 8:00 am-8:00 pm and cleaned twice daily. Please note – Playgrounds will remain closed until further notice.

Facility Updates

The Community Center will open for Summer Care only, on Monday, June 15. The Registration/Service desk is not open. All residents are encouraged to register online or call 847-526-3610 between 8:30 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday for assistance. These hours coincide with Summer Care and may change in Phase 4.

Fitness First will remain closed. The Beach House will remain closed.

Virtual Recreation Summer Guide

Along with many of our regularly scheduled programs, we have created a variety of new at-home and in- person (small group) programs are now available and starting the week of June 1. View the Virtual Recreation Summer 2020 Guide for an entire list of programs. All participants and parents must follow the Program & Facility Guidelines for Phase 3 when attending in-person programs

Program and Facility Guidelines for Phase 3

Face Coverings & Health restrictions

  • All staff will wear face coverings when unable to maintain a six-foot social distance.
  • Participants will wear face coverings when within 6-ft of others.

– Participants/staff will not be permitted into the facility if exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

  • Participants will be dropped off and picked up via curbside at the Community Center circle drive.
  • Once the participant has been dropped off, he/she will be escorted to their program by the staff.
  • Parent(s) and child(ren) should remain in the vehicle until staff can help them.
  • Pick-up will require the same strategies as state above, but an ID will need to be shown.
  • Parent(s) will need to hang a 8×10 sign with their child(ren)’s name and group on the passenger side


Group Sizes & Staffing

  • All in-person programs will consist of no more than 10 participants.
  • Groups will remain static, with no mixing of participants or staff between groups.
  • Subs will also be designated to specific groups to decrease any cross interaction between programs.

Facility Space & Cleaning

  • All programs will be assigned to a designated space(s) each day to mitigate any interaction with other groups and sharing of spaces. Any spaces that are shared throughout the day will be disinfected in- between each group using that area.
  • Our staff will clean regularly and frequently throughout each day. They will also be disinfecting highly touched areas such as doorknobs, light switches, tables, chairs, etc.
  • All communal water fountains in the facility will only be used for bottle refilling. Please bring your own labeled water bottle when attending a program.
  • All staff will sanitize all toys, equipment, and materials that are shared or used throughout the day daily.

– Programs will use minimal toys, equipment, and materials.

  • Extra hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the facilities.

Indoor Bathrooms

  • We will ask all participants to hand sanitize prior to entering any bathrooms within the facility.
  • All participants must thoroughly wash hands for at least 20 seconds prior to exiting the bathrooms.
  • Bathrooms will be disinfected regularly throughout the day as part of the new cleaning schedule.

Signs of Illness

  • If a participant shows illness symptoms, there will be a designated room at each facility for that participant to go until they can be picked up safely by parent or guardian.

If a participant/staff has a confirmed case of COVID-19

  • Local health officials, staff, and families will be notified immediately of any possible case of COVID-19 while maintaining confidentiality consistent with ADA and other privacy laws.
  • The other program participants will be moved to another designated room in the building. The contaminated room will be quarantined and cleaned 24 hours after initial exposure. Programs can return to room upon following proper disinfecting procedures.
  • We will ask that the program participants to self-quarantine per CDC guidelines.

When a participant/staff can return to the facility if confirmed with COVID-19

Participants/Staff who is exposed/diagnosed to COVID may not return until:

  • They have had no fever for 72 hours (without medicine) AND
  • Other symptoms have improved AND
  • At least 10 days have passed since their symptoms first appeared


– Have had two negative COVID-19 tests in a row, with testing done at least 24 hours apart


  • Will you take patron’s temperature before the start of the program each day?
    • No, but we do ask if your child or any family members show illness symptoms that you please stay home.
  • How will we be cleaning toys and materials?
    • All toys and materials will be fully sanitized before they are shared with the next participant by a bleach/water solution.
  • Will programs be going outside?
    • Weather permitting, yes, we will be going outside with programs that are able to do so.
  • Are staff required to always wear face coverings/gloves around program participants?
    • All staff are required to wear face coverings when unable to maintain a six-foot distance. If they must have close contact with a participant or provide first aid, they will be required to wear gloves as well.
  • How will pick-ups and drop-offs work for programs?
    • We will be using a carline with staff at curbside to meet program participants and sign each child in and out of the program.
  • Are there virtual offerings?
    • Yes, the Wauconda Park District has committed to offering a combination of unique virtual and in-person programs for everyone. Program offerings do change based on changing guidelines and regulations. Digital brochures are available on our website to view all of our current offerings for in-person and virtual programs.
  • If more restrictions are lifted, will there be any changes to programs and what would be added to our offerings?
    • We are continually working on plans to enhance our programs. We will follow guidelines set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health for the programs.
  • Will I be placed in programs with siblings?
    • We will do our best to place siblings together when it is applicable. Some of our programming is age-based, in that case, if siblings differ in those ages, they will not be placed together.
  • Does each program have specific guidelines as well?
    • Yes, each of our programs will have guidelines that are specific to that program that must be followed upon participation. Those will be provided prior to the start of the program.

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